Karim Maredia named to African Union panel on emerging technologies

posted on March 14, 2017 3:18pm

Karim Maredia, left, joins a farm tour in Africa.  (view larger image)
Karim Maredia, left, joins a farm tour in Africa.

Karim Maredia has been named to the High Level African Panel on Emerging Technologies (High Level-APET). He is the only non-African scientist to serve on the panel.

The High Level-APET was commissioned by the leaders of the African Union to help the 55 countries of Africa take advantage of new, cutting-edge technologies in fields such as agriculture, medicine, energy and natural resources management. An MSU Department of Entomology professor and director of the World Technology Access Program, Maredia has extensive experience helping to build capacity for new technologies across the developing world. The team will work to help African nations strengthen their legal and regulatory systems to manage and adopt emerging technologies.

“I was honored to be called to serve on the panel,” Maredia said. “It’s a great honor, but it’s also a great responsibility. The documents and recommendations we develop will impact policy decisions in the 55 member countries of the African Union and, therefore, the lives of over one billion people.”

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